Sweet fruits,

Pop in the mouth,

Radiate joy like the sun,

Radiate Joy like the Sun.


I just learned that this kind of delight is called “kvelling”;

It entered English from Yiddish, from German.


I hope today and always

We will all feel our Oneness,

And everyone will kvell for every one.


Love, and Love, and Love

To be the Reality of our world,

Our World.


Love and Joy,

Love and Joy,

Love and Joy.

The wise put their guidance simply:

Analogies like: Nourish the tree by connecting to the fertility of the soil around it,

Follow the streams back to the mountain top,

Fill the bank before spending…


We learn not only to do as they say,

But also to do as they do–


Live simply, innocently, gracefully

Opening the door to effortlessness, cheerfulness, Love and Joy.


Keeping the door open,

And the home welcoming,

Rising to be the Whole Tree,

The Whole Ocean,

The Home of All,

The Home of All.

We’ve been given life,

A chance to return to fulfillment,

A chance to share fulfillment with others.


We learn from our parents,

Our family,

Our teachers, our friends

Good ways to enjoy life,

Good ways to be useful to ourselves and others:


We do our best to maintain and improve the good habits they taught us,

To honor the trust,

To grow and share fulfillment and honor the trust.


Because we are growing,

Learning more and more to Know,

We are always invited to look more deeply,

To enjoy the moment,

But within the moment,

Glancing a bit at the Timeless within.


And within the Timeless,

Savoring all moments,

All Every-when and

All Every-where.


What Fun!

What Fun!

Tree, house, road, we humans that think, act, build–

We look within them,

Within our self,

And find the same energy, intelligence, love and joy–

All are One.


We delight in the variety

But we also open ourselves to our Self,

So that the veils that hide One from Itself,

Our Self from Itself,

Become transparent,



And then all are All,

And All’s Happiness is no longer veiled,

Completely visible,

Completely charming,

Completely available.


How Lovely!

How Lovely!

We are born into traditions: we trust they are right.

As we grow, we meet people raised with different traditions:

We trust they are right, too.


We learn to love and share,

To guess ways to let traditions mingle and dance together.


We learn to guess how to fill in

What’s missing from all the traditions,

At least as we have received them.


Through loving, sharing, guessing, mingling

We become good enough to deserve the best family,

The best friends,

The best teachers.


And soon, the gaps are filled,

The Source of all traditions

Shows Itself,

And we Know!


We share with family, friends, everyone,

And then we experience all the traditions restored, fulfilled,

We experience all traditions as Flavors of One.


Peace and Love within us,

Peace and Love Are Us,

The World is Joyous,

The World is Joyous.

The World is Ours,

The World is One.

The World is One.