Overflowing Love, Energy, Wisdom, Enthusiasm–

With this, kindness is our Nature,

Automatically we nourish ourselves,

All around us,

All the World,

The Universe–

All. Always.

Thank you, God, teachers, family,

For the Blessings.

Thank You!


Getting what we want:

A few bucks here and there will get us some of it.

Wisdom. Love gets us All of It!

Absolutely All!

Suddenly! Extra demand for our product.

Quickly! We produce more, get more to the customer.

Easily! We relax, enjoy the family, get a good night’s rest

And hope tomorrow will be an even greater day.


Who knows!

But we enjoy the success, and the ease,

We hope Our World does, too,

And tomorrow will be, at the very least,

Another great adventure.

Always great.


Scrub, scrub!

Wash, wash!

Dirtless, dustless, really clean!


Good for walls, dishes, floors.


But for our mind and heart!


Gently, gently, gently,

Adoring every thought and feeling

And letting all impediments dissolve in our love,

Our Love and Joy,

Our Love and Joy.

When we feel good: “I’m flying!”

Light, free of gravity, free of obstacles–

We’re flying!


Taking good care of ourself,

Enjoying, being kind to others and to our world, our Universe,

Every moment we are flying.

Every moment!

Able to lift enormous weights?


See far, far away?


Perhaps we do better if we choose a package, not just one.


Strong, levitating, sharp vision.


But I think we want more:

How about the ability to contact the source of all power

And to use it for the welfare of the universe, of all there is?


I think it’s possible!

Let’s do it!

Tree, earth, just look around a bit for some bumps on the surface

Or gently dig a bit and there it is! Here it is! The root.


Same thing with everything in life:

Lovely detail, like branches, leaves, fruit of a tree.

Can get lost in detail.



Look for the root.

Ahh! This is the place to put our greatest attention.

Nourish the root, happy the tree and its details,

Nourish the root of our life, The Root of Life,

Happy our life in all its details.


Totally Happy!