Only One exists

So we may think the Many is only many, a myth,

But as we settle into One

We find it has Texture,

It expresses Itself in Many,

“I” Express Myself as Many,

And we find that angels, gods, fabulous worlds, exist;

They are Streams and Flowing Points of One, of I,

Which we all are,

Forever telling stories in which the lost is found,

Sadness returned to Joy,

Sadness returned to Joy.


Do ants think much about the Earth they walk on?


We are wiser than ants:

We humans are small but have the ability to tune to the Soul of Earth,

To the Rhythms of Time,

To the Lively Stillness of our Universe.


Many people, many thoughts,

One Love,

One Universe,

One World.

I am a little happy, you are a little happy,

Together we are a lot happy,

And then each one of us is a lot happy,

Together we are super happy.


Happiness free of money, dreams, goals, world–

Very Happy Happiness,

Pure Happiness,

Happiness which creates money, dreams, goals, world

Within Itself.


Very Happy!

Flying over mountains is easy for our Consciousness to do,

And we are learning to raise our bodies to fly easily, too.


And all good dreams that guide us to achievement our rational mind would dismiss-=

We are learning to fulfill them, too.

Vision and action we use to put the bricks together;

Love we use to make the house our home,

A place for our self, our Self,

Our family, friends, and guests.

The Palace,

The Treasury,

The Celestial Music,

The Joy Beyond Words–


First, we find it Within,

Within our own consciousness,

Then we find it everywhere.


Just a little settling,

A little more gentleness with our thoughts and feelings,

And Here We Are!


Very Here! Very I! Very We! Very Are!

Lightly, gently, listening to the melodies unfold,

We find we hold the world within our heart,

Within our finger tips,

Within our arms.


We play and sing and begin to hear the Song of the World,

Always sung,

Always nourishing,

Always Joy,

Always LOve.