No problem: We just open our heart,

Let go the fear,

The armor,

And Here It Is: Peace.


How to make it last?

So long as we have it, share it.


If, perhaps (and perhaps not), we lose it,

It will come back as kindness from a friend,

A family member, with whom we’ve shared.


And so Peace, Love, Joy

Makes Itself clearly available to us all,

To us all.


You alerted me to the reality that the world is in layers;

You gave me a teacher who showed me how to get from the surface to the depth;

You allowed me to discover that the depth is Wholeness, Joy, Love

And that it is my Self,

The Self of All–everyone is this Self, my Self, The Self.


Thank you for the happiness, the laughter, the Joy, the Love:

Thank You!

Gradually, the light grew–twinkles in the dark.

The black turned to grey,

Streams of light swirled through it.


And Then!

Suddenly, no more darkness,

Only Light,

Light moving within Itself.


And this Light stays and grows in the world outside our head and heart,

And we enjoy everything–almost–blessed by the Light that is its Source.


Thanks you, parents!

Thank you, friends and family!

Thank you, teachers!

And thank you, Teacher!

Very much, Thank You!


No sides,

We can easily dip our fingers in the stream or sea.


Very cosy, very trusting:

What to do if a storm appears?


The professional answer is:

Pay attention to the weather.


If a storm seems possible,

Stay ashore.


As a metaphor this has merit:

We like to keep our days meanders simple.

Not much of baggage, open to life’s pools and currents,

But pay attention!

If a storm seems brewing,

Get on safe ground.

Life in suspicion is not life so mostly we trust that most people are honest:

Occasionally, we are cheated but we choose to occasionally be cheated rather than living our life in fear:


Most people we know are happy so crime and deceit are not as common in our world as they are in the media:

Thank you, God!

Thank you, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, friends, world family!


Thank you! Thank you! Very much thank you!

This fresh air: Ahhh!

This lovely sound of thunder after a drought: Ahhh!


Landscapes, people, so much good, so much joy and Joy:


Words are fun to use to describe, to express,

But the best is Ahhh!

And the smile of Silence.

And the Smile of Silence!


The center of a circle is a point;

The center of Life is Everywhere.


We settle into the center of our life

And find the center is the Center,




We begin to live this Infinity

In the details, the points,

Of our life.


Our life becomes Life

And every thought, every action,

Life’s Gift flowing to everyone.


Thank you, Life!

Thank You!