We are in each other’s hearts: no distance.

Our life’s a good tune,


We hum along with each other

When we meet to be together

And when we meet in passing.


Delight and gratitude,

Forgiveness and Joy

Dissolve all doubt,

Bring the experience of

Blessedness and blessing,

Blessedness and Blessing.

With health and energy,

Love overflowing,

All we do

Is a flow of the Divine,

Completely Universal,

Completely Personal,

Passion completely Pure,

Completely Pure.

Since we learned to settle down,

Settle in,

Open up,

Joy has grown and grown and grown in our life

And Joy is Love, Joy overflowing and Uniting.


We are confident because experienced.

Our morale is very high!

It once was outside and in,

Now it’s Inside and Out:


Everything is Love, Joy beyond all boundaries,

Love delighting in every impulse of Itself,

Raindrops, thought streams, dancers and singers,



All. All. All.

Expanding the boundaries,

Bending the boundaries,

Dissolving the boundaries:

Ahh! Freedom.

Not typical, but normal.

We work and play and discover together

A little here and a little there:

Joy and Love enter more and more into our life.


We grow in happiness, in health, in Wholeness,

We become normal and

Our world becomes Our World:


Just the way it is supposed to be.