Many of us know

From personal experience

That a glance at an ad

Is not enough:


We need to look into the facts

And find out what are the real bargains.


It is loving to think

That all meditations are equal,

But the facts–the great volume of scientific research–

Show that the Transcendental Meditation Technique (R)

Provides not only great improvements

For the surface of our life,

But experience of the depth and Depth

Which is rare without it.


So, poetically, I feel the fulfillment of poetry,

Develops with twice-daily easily doing

The Transcendental Meditation Technique (R),

The technique taught by teachers certified by Maharishi

And the organizations he established.


And, scientifically, researchers have measured

My brain wave orderliness, coherence, harmony

And that of many others doing TM twice a day:

They have found high harmony, high coherence,

Increase in success, creativity, morality, happiness in life.


So I write this poem to move in the direction

Of not only creating good feelings

But getting in the habit of providing directions to wisdom,

To fulfillment in life–

To Fulfillment in Life!


We are all Natives of this Universe,

Impulses of Consciousness

Within which All appears,

Sometimes as all

But Always as All

Even when it pretends to be hidden,

And looks at Itself as if it were a stranger looking at strangeness.


Just a game: We are always One,

Having Fun;

Always One,

Having Fun.

We are waking.

We are realizing that even in the depths of sleep

Some awareness remained.


And in our daily life,

Even in the depths of quarrels and confusion,

Some Love, some Joy remains.


More and more, we are open to Awareness, to Love, to Joy.

More and more we live them,

They flow through us

And dissolve sorrow, fear, confusion

Revealing that difficulties are not substantial,

Revealing that Love, Joy, Awareness are One

And all there Is.






Our living is giving–

Even when we take, our purity is giving appreciation for the gift.


We live with the Depth flowing in our surface,

Our surface becomes our Depth,

And all the world’s inside us,

Pure Love Flowing,

Pure Joy Knowing,

Living and Giving,

Living as Giving.

Roads within us take a turning to see,

Our world has teachers who can give us the key.


Once we’ve opened the door,

The road is easy to travel,

The goal is near,

The Goal is Here.

Whichever gift is handy, we grab and flow with.

They are all branches of the same tree, flowing from and leading back to the same root.


And if none seems to be handy, innocence is always handy.

We innocently do what we can and all the others reveal themselves within our innocence–

And we grow.

Surfing on the Internet,

What we see is what we get–sometimes.


Trust a cybrarian,

A World Wide Librarian,

To make our search easier,

Faster and safer,

To maximize giggles

And wild, roaring laughter,

As we find what we seek

And more than we knew we could get.


Now it’s safe to let the Internet

Into our home and also our heart–

Making friends with a cybrarian

Is a very good start,

A very good start.