It’s only a game, yes?

So we prepare very, very well and we play very, very well

And we appreciate our own side and the other side,

The referee, the audience, the arena, the atmosphere:


We have a very, very good day,

Preparation for an even better day!

A much, much better day

Until, soon, we are perfect! Perfect!


Rice, beans, asparagus, zucchini–can be a lovely dish, spiced or not.


Friendship with tall and small,

Pudgy and skinny,

Ordinary and special–

Bring them together for a party and we have also a very special dish–dessert and meal wrapped into one.

Very sweet and nourishing!

Very sweet and nourishing,

All are family: people, stones, leaves, drops of water.

As we appreciate each,

We grow to appreciate All in each,

And we return to our real Nature:

Oneness, Pure Love, Pure Joy.

Always Pure,

Always Pure.

How pretty this leaf!

Green, shaped like a maple leaf,

Veins joyously full–

Our awareness expands to see the tree, the grove, the fields, the sky

And then back to the leaf

Which we now see more deeply, fully,

Which we now feel more fully, sweetly

And something deeper comes flowing in–

Pure Joy! Pure Love!

With a bit more detail than before,

Less remains to be known,,

More is known

And, little by little, All.

Sometimes, a lot by a lot,

A lot by a lot, All.

The adept builds the engine so that it doesn’t just hum–it sings.


The adept brings out in every detail

The Source of All Things,

The Source of All Things.

Rested, fresh, our world is new,

We are new.

Ongoing plans come closer to the energy of their Source,

Actions come more into Harmony with the Whole.


We are new and New,

More and more Eternal.


When our attention was on objects

The sudden appearance of the Vacuum

Makes us for a moment feel we are experiencing emptiness:

But not really!

There is a smile in the Vacuum

And quickly we find the Vacuum is Total Joy,

Total Love,

Our Self, All-in-All: