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As the tale unfolds,

Our skills join those of heroes and heroines,

We live legends.


Nothing serious comes to challenge us–

Only small puzzles we take in our stride.


We remember that we are the Story Teller,

The Director, The Actors, The Audience.


Very much we enjoy out Good Cosmic Tale.

Very, very much.


Not “who’s best?” but “each is All and All is best”.


Not He or She but both together and One beyond the separation.


Only Delight, Only Joy and Love

When the story unfolds with each

Impulse of One

Fully aware that it is One,

Just acting,

For Fun.

Just for Fun.

Alert, flexible, energetic,

We can see near and far,

In time and space,

Find the open paths,

Clear the cluttered,


Glide and stride to fulfillment,

Opening the paths for all.

For all.


Once we’ve prepared

With a healthy daily routine,

We have the balance to be fully involved:

The routine keeps us balanced,

Capable of quickly guaging whether everything is right

Or whether something is turning fishy.


The Scout motto, “Be Prepared!” is lovely guidance.

Very useful,

Very practical, fulfilling.

Me by myself, what can I do?

A little of this, a little of that.


Connect to the Source where we all together, One—


Ahhh! Totality, Great Fun!

The Greatest!

There is only One, Unlimited, Self:

I Am That Self,

So are You,

So is everyone and everything:


Somehow we pretend to be the limited selves that we experience in our ordinary day-to-day life.


How amazing!

We don’t need to just sit and watch the com unfold–

We can act, be aware that beauty is in the world,

That beauty is Beauty, Love, One–

We can start to become Actors, Directors, Scriptwriters,

Not just audiences and actors who have gotten lost in their roles.





“Early to bed,

Early to rise,

Makes a man (person)

Healthy, wealthy and wise.”


Lovely advice from Ben Franklin.


And in between the rising and the bedtime again,

We balance safety with adventure–staying within the safety zone–

Known exercises and foods with new ones,

To be healthy and get healthier;

Known ways of making money with new ways of money,

To be wealthy enough,

And learning and teaching

To be wise and get wiser.


Not just routine but a safe and yet playful routine:

Safe and yet playful!