Archives for category: Steve’s Poems: Joy is Love

Not just the way the apparel fits together,

It’s the way the personality fits together

That makes us classy.


Onenesss leads the heart and the mind and actions follow:


Very Classy!

Lyubljana is the capital of Slovenia;

Its name means “love”.


When our hearts are filled with Love,

No room for anything else,

Then Love is the Capital of our world, our personal world;


When all hearts are inspired by the actions of those with full hearts,

Then Love is the Capital of Everybody’s World,

One World, the Only World.


We have already begun; let us continue continuing.

Right now! and Always!

Right now and always.

We don’t have a billion in the bank:

We make do.


We don’t have a smile for every prank;

We get by.


The dress is not perfect,

The pants don’t quite fit:

We adjust, we learn how to gracefully walk and sit.



We are absorbed in the Wholeness,

Calm and easy about change and continuity,

Somehow we find a way to discover and invent

And to bring Perfection into the world of Not-quite-right.


Whatever comes, we get by,

We get by.

Joy! Bliss! Omnipresence!

Expandedness! Overflowing! All-Pervading!


This is Me, This is You, This is One.

This is All-in-All! This is Fun!


So Great we can only suggest our Greatness with exclamation points.


We are beyond words but we Know! we Know! we Know!



Our consciousness is growing,

Being Consciousness, Universal, Allness, Oneness.


Our individual personalities remain delightfully individual,

In Santa Monica, swimming;

In Nevada, hoeing;

In New York, at this moment, flipping the channels on the TV.


We feel the joy in each other from a distance

And we post messages through email, wordpress, facebook and all

So our feelings can have form and we can know the details:

Truly, God is in the details. Very truly.

In the play of life,

We assume the roles of limits,

Separate pieces of a jigsaw puzzle;

We forget we are playing:


Then our Kindness slips in to remind us,


We look at our world through friendly eyes;

Our world sees us the same way.

We act toward our world as friend to friend;

Our world acts toward us the same way.