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A little light is lively in me,

A little light in you:

We Join: Sun!


We see, We See,

We know, We Know,

We Understand,

Lend a hand,

Join the Fun of One,

Re-join the Fun of One.

The great mystery is how God is able to hide, to appear as humans, pebbles, forests and breezes.


The Great Comfort is that God Is All, and so always available to draw upon–

At least a little!

And, we work and play to earn, more and more–

And then! All!


Then All.


Little bits of this and that,

Scattered parts of lives and dreams,

Come together with the Find

That we are One with Life.

When we are rested and exercised,

We are open in heart and perception,

Loose and firm in movements:


We have energy and Joy Overflowing,

We take it easy,

We create it,

We give

And we enjoy the gifts given to us.


Very much we Enjoy!

As the wit says,

“The Present is a gift, that’s why we call it the Present”.


When all is Well,

Our Origin, Our Action, Our Result

Blend Sweetly, Fulfillingly Together:


All are One,

We are One.

Regenerated, Restored.


Our mind’s imagination goes whither, hither;

As we grow, our mind begins not to fantasize, but to see;

Not only to see, but to create.


All there is Is In Us,

And I Am You, And You Are Me,

As We are Us,



As We are Us,