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We share our purity and this becomes the magnet around which resources gather:

We act but know that the results are in God’s hands:

We stay alert for hints to modify, to hang on, to let go.


We grow. We grow! We Grow!



Every second of preparation involves choices,

Growing, caring, reaping, choosing, cleaning, cutting, cooking–

Every second is a choice to open our heart more and more

So that whoever eats it will feel our respect and love for the food and for the growers and Nature.


How delightful to cook this way!

How delightful to eat food cooked this way!


How fortunate we are that more and more food is being prepared this way.

How fortunate we are!


On a lovely star-filled night,

One star and then many,

Flows to us,

No longer a point,

A flowing being.


And the flows expand so that we enjoy Universal Intelligence,

Universal Joy, Universal Love,

As a mingle of our Self, the Self,

As the Ocean of Starlight

And the Ocean of Self.


Thank you, Stars!

Thank You, God!

First, just thoughts in darkness about we and our world;

Then, the darkness becomes lighter, more gray than black,

And our thoughts become brighter, more we than me;


And brighter and brighter until all within is light and Light,

And thoughts are Streams of Light, Delight,

And our view of the world is that it is made of Joy,

It is within us though outside.


And all is One;

This is Fun!


We welcome everyone to the party!

No need for gifts, just the Presence of Your Self,

My Self, the Self.


Love, Us.

Leap out of bed,

Leap toward shower,

Leap toward work,

Leap toward play!

And dance,

And sing.

And dance,

And sing.


Get enough rest,

Especially sleep.

Wake up early,

Especially when it’s still dark,

Before the birds begin to sing.


Loosen up:

Not just exercise,

But exercise that makes our muscles sing.



Usually the good sleep will have us wake with a smile,

The exercise and loosening will broaden it,

But just in case: Smile!


And let our routine organize most of our day

And our intuition the rest.


And this is preparing to Know Our Self,

If we don’t already,

And preparing to enjoy and share

Love, Joy and usefulness:

Absolutely including usefulness to our self, our Self, to Everybody.

Absolutely to everyone!




Happy home,

Happy thoughts,

Happy feelings,

Happy Depths beyond Words:


A good moment,

A good day,

A good life.


And Happiness is a Magnet,

Drawing all in.