Many of us know

From personal experience

That a glance at an ad

Is not enough:


We need to look into the facts

And find out what are the real bargains.


It is loving to think

That all meditations are equal,

But the facts–the great volume of scientific research–

Show that the Transcendental Meditation Technique (R)

Provides not only great improvements

For the surface of our life,

But experience of the depth and Depth

Which is rare without it.


So, poetically, I feel the fulfillment of poetry,

Develops with twice-daily easily doing

The Transcendental Meditation Technique (R),

The technique taught by teachers certified by Maharishi

And the organizations he established.


And, scientifically, researchers have measured

My brain wave orderliness, coherence, harmony

And that of many others doing TM twice a day:

They have found high harmony, high coherence,

Increase in success, creativity, morality, happiness in life.


So I write this poem to move in the direction

Of not only creating good feelings

But getting in the habit of providing directions to wisdom,

To fulfillment in life–

To Fulfillment in Life!