An intersection in Novia Scotia has three street signs:

“This Street”,

“That Street”,

“The Other Street”.


A lost person calls a friend who lives at 57 The Other Street and says,

“I see a church on my right: is that your street?”

“No,” the friend replies, “That’s the other street”.

“I thought The Other Street is the street you live on?”


The friend apologizes for forgetting about the confusion of street names, gives correct instructions and all is well.

The confusion has led, however, to both friends looking a bit within their mind, the history of the town, the nature of language and the deeper meaning of “This”, “That” and “The Other”

And this looking within has brought an unexpected cheeriness, freshness to the meeting of the friends.


Perhaps that’s why the people of this Novia Scotia town maintain the street names.

Perhaps they like people to think a bit when they are in the town–to think and smile,

To think and smile.