Tee Tah, Tee Tah, Dha Dha Tee Tah,

Dha Dha Tee Ta Tina Kena,

Tee Tah, Tee Ta, Tha Tha Tee Tah,

Dha Dha Tee Tah Dina Gina.


Scooby dooby doo, Dha, Dha, Dha, Dha,

Ah DhaDhaDha DhaDha DhaDee Dah,

Uh Dha Dha DhaDi, DhaDi, DhaDi,

DhaDi, DhaDi, Dha Dha Dha,

DhaDha DhaDi, Dha Dha Dha.


Mixing some tabla sounds

With the spirit of scat singing

Is very pleasant while meandering

Streets and trails.