Parched ground, dry ground, brittle bones, rigid mind–Rain heals.

Rain of water, rain of love, rain heals.


Beneath the dry, there is moist, sometimes near, sometimes far.

The healthy seed can find the water: Seed of plant, seed of thought.


There is rain within to heal, to nurture.

There is loving sun to warm,  soft blow away doubts and fear.


Water with a hose, water with a settled heart and mind;

Warm with a lamp, warm with the lamp of wisdom’s eye.


Freshen with fragrance, freshen with a fan, freshen with the subtle air of Joy from which life comes, of which life is made.


Gentle rain, gentle sun, gentle wind, outside and in,

And we are always on a picnic, in a meadow, in a grove, by the stream and by the sea.


We are always on a picnic by plant and field and sea.