Life cannot continue only like this–

We have heard and read of people who were smiling always,

Were competent to meet with wisdom any challenge,

Who were content and caused the world around them to flow in joy–

And so we take our fruit, our flowers and our handkerchief–

Symbolic of our recognition that, though what we are to learn is truly a gift from the tradition of the wise, we need to participate a bit from our side–

And we learn something new.


Our awareness is filled with deep joy,

Joy we never imagined, even while reading accounts of the wise.


And when we have learned and we are going home all the world is silent, brilliantly alive, all the air is clear, within our body and outside our body,

Our walk is thrilling, natural, effortless, moving swiftly and not only our face is smiling:


“We want to learn to teach this!” comes the joyous thought.


And we learn and we share and our world, the world, the Universe,

Remembers it is always Wise. It is One which is Joy and Love

It is One, which is Joy and Love.