Work, work, work,

Eat, eat, eat,

Sleep, sleep, sleep–

If we’re fortunate we can get a bit of exercise in,

Spend a little time with our family,

Perhaps some time with our friends.


How can we get ahead of the game?


We walk and see a smiling face,

A face that doesn’t seem to be smiling just for the moment,

But for all time.


“What do you do that you are so happy?”

“I found someone who is wise and learned Transcendental Meditation,

Transcendental Celebration,

Twice a day a deep vacation,

Without fear of losing luggage.”


A specific technique, a copyright technique,

Something that costs money

But I tried it,

I like it,

I do it every day,

Twice a day,

Simply, easily, innocently

And suddenly! work became play.

And suddenly! eating became time with family,

Time to savor food and to share increasingly good news.


And suddenly! sleep was not just a period of dullness broken by an alarm clock–

It was and is deep joy, leading to waking naturally.


And somehow, more time,  more moments in between the dedicated moments,

More delightful surprises in between plans,

Very much a life worth living,

Very much a life worth living!


Come join me!

Tell your friends!