You opened my heart so I could feel and then see the fruit and juice beyond the skin of the world.

At first you were a Huge White Light and then Transparent Silence;

Later you were Paths of Joyous Openness, inviting me to walk through.


And then you revealed Your Self as my Self,


Quickly, you Swelled in a Tube of Golden Light

And soon You/Me were Oneness–Transcendent and All-Pervading mixed.


Every day, You Play and Show me more details–

Golden tubes of sine waves, circular cross-sections of sine waves,

Infinitely rapidly spinning wheels,

And then! The greatest delight: You dissolve everything and reveal indescribable flows of ecstasy.

Within the Seamlessness, there is infinite detail;

Within every detail, there is the Infinite Seamlessness.

Thank you for showing me the End is in the beginning.