We always have our daily routine;
Even when our thoughts seem not to flow,
We have our routine.
When we have no great thought, no thrill, to guide us,
We stick with the routine.

When we have thoughts, feelings, that seem
To bathe the world in fulfillment,
That seem to tie all strands together
Into a single action,
We measure the reality of the glow
With our routine.

It’s what we do everyday that is our life.
What we do once in awhile is a gem,
But small, fleeting, compared with our everyday world.

Add a little here and there to our routine? OK,
If the everyday gains by the addition.

Otherwise, distortion is no gain.

We progress through routine
As happiness seeps into every moment of it.

In this arena, we act and succeed, not only one thing at a time,
But all things growing together.

Step by step we gain sharper, steadier energy, clearer purpose.
Step by step, we succeed.
The routine is our foundation:
The building is stable.
Living in our home is a delight.
The world inside cheers the world outside:
The world outside is a delight to enjoy
From the freedom of our steadiness.

We are at home in our Self,
At home in the world,
In our Self.