Your cheery life keeps us cheery.

We feel your zest filling us always.

You followed your parents in fighting to find your own way,

To look at facts straightly, kindly,

And draw sensible conclusions,

Conclusions that can give support to life.


The fight for truth made room for fun at picnics

Travels in the mountains and streams,

Discoveries of joy in every moment.


We feel you as our special wave of the ocean of wholeness,

A gift of the ocean of love

To comfort us with a familiar face,

To nurture us, guide us

To joy and total knowledge.


Thank you very much.

And Happy Birthday in your Eternity of Birthdays,


Steve, Jane, Vicki, Barb, Leland, MaryLou and Bill,

Bill, MaryLou, Leland, Barb, Vicki, Jane, Steve