No more is joy a glimpse; it is deep, it lasts.

No more are the words of the wise mere hopes;

We feel and live their truth.


We know from experience

And from the teachings of masters

That what began as brightening

Grows fuller and fuller as veils that hide its fullness

Become more transparent and vanish.


We know the world as waves of Self.

When we only knew ourselves as flesh and blood,

The world was big,




We have begun to grow,

We know ourselves as Intelligence,

The liveliness within thought and blood.

We find the world within our Self,

We find it a wave of our Self,

Increasingly friendly, beautiful, soothing.

The jagged edges of the world are smoothing.


We are moving toward reality where

All is love, All is beauty and delight,

So much more we live the truth:

All is freedom, all is light.