More and more, we are One with you as Love and Joy,

Joy of unbounded awareness rippling itself,

Smiling in ripples,

Rippling in strands of happiness;

Love that smiles in fullness,

Overflows within itself the wholeness

That is all, completely partless.

We are abstract, like water,

We are concrete, like flowers.

Your concrete Self comes to us

With no need for us to call.

Your concrete Self,

Smiling, rushes joy and love into

Our individualities.

Again and again you appear,

Bringing white light,

Golden light,

Delicate light of yellow roses.

Forever you are born

While never passing.

Forever you are bringing joy and love,

Endlessly new,

Never changing.

Happy Birthday, always,

And Happy Birthday! this October 20th, 2010.

Love, Steve, Sonia, Jane and Vicki;

Vicki, Jane, Sonia, Steve