Physically, we’re individuals;

Emotionally, we’re family.

Spiritually, we’re One.

One, Always One.


Pasta, pasta, pasta!

So many different shapes,

So many different seasonings,

Same wheat grows more and more interesting with each day’s new shape and taste.


Same soul gets more and more interesting with each day’s adventures that open us to the detail in our soul and its reality as Soul, The Soul of All.

We raise ourselves to Wholeness by sitting before Wholeness, God–

Humbly sitting before God.


Our leaders, when they are good leaders, preside over us by sitting humbly before Wholeness, before God.

We sit before God and humbly pray that we and our leaders will always be humble and good.


We ride our brain cycles hither and thither,

Circling the paths to Enlightenment:

Flash! A glimpse!

And then someone–is it us?–turns on the Light

And it lasts.


Soon, we do our best to make it soon, to make the Light feel welcome,

The Light will stay on.


Well done, Light!

Well done.

See! There’s the camera in the bushes!

It is the bushes!

We are the bushes.


See! There’s the Director in the blue sky.

The Director is the Sky.

We Are the Sky1


We are the Writer, Director, Crew,

Audience, Critics, Actors

In the Movie of our daily world

Which is the Divine in the Cosmic Playpen.


We are the One! the One! the One!



Be gone,! the woes of time;

Our awareness opens to the Rose Divine,

Rows of roses in line, outline,

Outline a path,

A clue,

A sign


That we can take in this clime, that clime,

To make each moment Valentine.

With Pure Love entwine, entwine,

Embrace the One, Divine, Divine,

I Am You, what’s mine is Thine,

Happy, Happy Valentine!

Happy, Happy Valentine.





The Friend dissolves the cloak that hides,

Reveals the Ocean and its Tides,

This Friend is Self, the Love that Guides,

The Self in which the All Abides.