We are blessed to be guided to grow in purity,

We are blessed to be guided to choose to grow.

We are blessed!

Thank You, God!

Thank you, friends, family, teachers, self.

Thank you!


We catch on to the tune the Universe sings; we sing along.

Our singing flows through the world and others hear it, catching on.


Soon, we are all singing–

And we add some dance to the tune.


Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

We sing and dance along.

Release the stress, perception expands,




See not just the near but reveal the far in the near,

See not just the part but be the Whole within which the part is an Expression.


Know a little, then a lot, then all and All.

Be a little, then a lot, then All in All.


Always now, Begin!

And better than “Begin”, continue.


First the beauty of Mom, of Dad: Ahh! We love them.

Then toys, flowers, friends, landscapes.


Soon we see beauty everywhere, even in a dirty rag, a shard of glass.


Through our appreciation of beauty outside, Beauty inside grows, Love grows.

And grows. And Grows. And GROWS.


Soon, we experience all is Beauty,

All is Love,

All is Joy,

All is One.


How lovely.

How Lovely!

Not just from the book but from experience.

Knowing the way things work so we can get things done.


Ultimately–and really always–

Knowing the Wholeness of which all roles, paths, tools, strategies

Are expressions,

Streams of Fun in the Cosmic Play.


Streams of Fun, Streams of One,

Streams of Totality,



Only one way:

Don’t say a word!

Don’t give a hint!

Just be still!


And what is the advantage?

If the secret has a noble purpose,

If it needs to be kept

Then the result is noble,

Good for everyone.


So let’s start with nobility

And be wise enough to know

When to speak and when to be still.


Soon, so quickly, I hope!

We will be fully noble in a fully noble world,

Full memory will be restored,

We will remember that we always know everything,

Nothing will be secret,

Nothing will be hidden,

And all will experience all as Joy,

As Joy,

As Joy!


Now, please!


Not toward the ground alone nor the sky alone

But to the Self,

Our Self,

The Wholeness that expresses Itself as sky and ground,

Heaven and earth.


Lift up

And turn in

To Wholeness,