Ready to buy–me.

Ready to sell–you.


A good exchange.


Ready to give: both of us.

Ready to share: both of us.


Capable of using, creating, doing: both of us.


Home–wherever we are.





The line on paper is ink,

Is Light,

Is Love,

Is All.


So is the mountain, the river, the coast, the sea,

The borders between nations,

The differences between people,

Between you and me.


All-Pervading, Omnipresent,

Flowing Ocean of Joy and Love

Reveals Itself as the Self of All,

And we rejoice as we experience

That We are One.


We are One.

Subject, Object, Their Connection–Three.

The Wholeness that Plays the Roles of I, Thou and the Flow that Joins Us: One.


Altogether: Joy, Fun!

Altogether: Joy, Fun!


We also learn to follow by leading!

By trusting our intuition,

Following it,

To explore new paths.


And we learn to lead

By following happy people,

Generous people,

Kind people,

Stable people.


And, as we follow and lead,

Lead and follow,

Life flows more fully through us,

And we are drawn more and more near

To Wholeness, Totality,



How lovely!

Before Europeans, various tribes;

Before the daisy, fertile soil


Before the before, go back, back, back,

Our imagination fades into light and Light;


After the after, forward, forward, forward,

Out awareness fades into endless light, the Light,

Always here,

Always real,

Always Joy and Love

Telling stories to Itself,

The Self:

I who is We,

I who is We.

We want to be healthy,
We want to be whole,

Pushups for our body,

Pushups for our Soul.



Horse training,



So much we call inventions

But their pattern and their application

Is already there,

Already in the design of Nature,

In the Pattern of One

Within Whom is all Time, Space, Events, Products.


But the inventions FEEL like inventions:

The Joy of them is also already there.