In our simplicity,

Our innocence,

We bring the love,

The kindness,

That soothes.


In the innocence

We realize

The truth of the proverb:

“Virtue is its own reward”.


Surely, it is.
Truly, it is.

The servants are like rays of the Sun,

Still the Sun but spreading out.


Convenient for us to be served by the servants

Until we grow wise enough

To live with eyes open in Full Sunlight.


And we are definitely making progress!

Joy and Love are signs of progress,

Very good signs,

Very good servants,

Very good servants!



We stretch when we rise,

No second thoughts needed:


We get where we intend to go.


Each moment of our routine

Brings Joyful Guidance

And a little Cheerful Adventure

As we go and grow,

As we go and Grow.

The stream of Inner Whistling Bliss becomes a Shower and a Mist;

The Mist takes on Forms: Whistling Bliss is Golden Light.


And all is Me:

And I am You!

How gloriously, delightfully

You are Me, too.

You are Me, too!

Our Body is Light,

Our Soul is Light,

Feelings, thoughts–

All is Light.


And Light is Everywhere,

This is my experience.

I hope that it is also yours.


If not yet, soon!

Before breakfast will be fine.

Relaxing the boundaries

That define our specifics

We discover our Self,

Truly magnific.


Our fragile vain ego

Loses its fear,

Settles to its source: All and Everywhere.


Then modesty reigns

As we act as good servants

To the One, Joyful Power

Which gives Love and Contentment

To each stream of Itself,

Such as us.


And we are revived to our status

As Ocean, All, All,

Revived to our status as All.

Krishna’s advice to Arjun :

Transcend opposites.


Advice holds for all of us today:

Whether the wind blows hot or cold,

From behind or from in front,

Whatever the gain or loss,

Be established in the Self,

Near, near, near!


And experience the Wholeness

Within which all winds blow and all suns rise.


Now! is always a good time to do this.

Right now.