We appreciate it,

Give it Love,

Enjoy its seed blossom and bear fruit.

When we are confident

That all is well

And the future will be better

Then sharing is natural

And life is good.

Doing our best

With what we have

Brings blessings,

More resources,

To be Permanently,





We do our best

To be the resource

That can act on the Great Idea

And ring it to fulfillment.

No two, only One.

No stick with notches to guage

The length of another stick.


No two, Only One!



Thank you, God, for the tune that cheerfully keeps running in our head,

For the fact that our table always has some bread,

For the availability of choice–

If not this, then instead–

For life that catches us up and keeps us moving,

Practically sprinting,

Definitely dancing,

And singing as we go.


Thank you, God!

Thank you!

Thank you!


“Joel” is an example: “The Lord is God”;

“Dulce” is another: “Sweet”.


We give our children names that will inspire them

To bring fulfillment to their names

And we do our best to re-create this world

So their virtues will be supported

And they will help reveal Wholeness

As the reality, pervading and uniting all parts–

Pervading and Uniting all.