They also give to everyone and everything, including us.


Like them, we learn to be open so we will have something to enjoy and to give.


Open exchange is love and Love,

Joy and Love.


Rain the physical,

And Rain, the Spiritual,

Are welcome companions to sun and Sun.


The Spiritual is easier to get than the physical

And it opens closed clouds:


Today, physical rain has come down,

Not only in gentle drops

But thrilling thuds:


Our plants and fields are nurtured

And we rejoice that our hearts have become open enough

To open clouds.


Very much, we rejoice.



All together now! Sun, Moon, Polestar, Sirius and Hello, Nova! far away.


Stay in tune and dance!


From our planet, we see order, laws of Nature that are consistent, near and far.

We see points of light blossoming in darkness;

We see points of light contracting to darkness.

All in all, we see consistency.


The stars are working together,

Playing together,

Blessing together, each other and us.


And we begin to see a similar opera flowing within us,

Flowing in the screen of our mind,

Flowing within our body which becomes increasingly light–

In weight and in color.


What has been puzzling is becoming more clear;

We see better the points are connected and all is One,

All is One.

Suddenly, we experience

Our Self,

Not our limited ego or body,

Our real Self,

Finer than the finest,

Livelier than the liveliest,

Pure Joy.


And quickly the transparency of our Self

Reveals its golden liveliness.


We Know! we are eternal,



We have many opportunities every moment;

Some we choose, others let go.


As we grow

We find ways to know

The right choices;


And as we grow

The ones we let go

Stay below

Until, perhaps,

A time comes when they are enlivened, ripe,

And take their turn as right.

Such sweetness to wake the sound of rain on the roof after a very long drought.

We feel life pulsing through the grass,

Through the stems and petals of flowers

And into our heart and the hearts of our neighbors:


Thank You, Mother Nature!

Thank You, God!

Thank You!

Delightfully, I discovered

The word “free” comes from roots

That mean not only “unbound” but also “love, beloved”.


When we love, we dissolve boundaries;

We are free

And sharing freedom,

Sharing the Love and Joy of Freedom.