Bouncing out of bed,

Springing to shower and exercise,

Bounding out the door to work, play, school, adventure:





Neither me nor you, but Us: One!

Our food is Life,

Planted with Love,

Nurtured with Love,

Reaped with Love,

Cooked, served and eaten with Love.


Love is Goddess-God,




Lovely food!


Lovely single strand of Joy explores, invites another:


Beauty opens Her Greater Depths:

Wisdom, Purity, Fulfillment,


You sing, I sing: Wisdom, Purity, Fulfillment.



A good routine plus specific knowledge and skills,

With knowledge of the way our specific goal fits into the overall scheme of Life,

Helps us prepare to act, to stay alert during the action, to monitor achievement during the action,

And to evaluate the results and follow-up to make sure we reach not only the specific goal

But our overall goal: Fully revealed awareness,

Full Awareness of the reality that All is One and We are One,

All and All,

We and One.


This way, life is Life and

All is Fun.

All, All, All is Fun!


For everyone,

For Every One.

For Every One.

Not only premature babies need extra warmth, incubators, to live:

So do adults without enough sleep,

Without enough exercise,

Without enough love.


So do businesses without enough resources,

Ideas not fully developed,

Communities without enough resources,

Nature without enough appreciation.


So we do our best to get enough rest,

Enough exercise,

Enough perception of the finer layers of Life,

The finest layer of Life,

The Wholeness within which all the layers exist


And as we do,

We grow in our ability to know our Self,

To love God, Wholeness, Oneness, Life, Self,

With all our “heart, all our soul, all our might”,

To love our neighbor as our Self,


And to give warmth, love, that nurtures

The tired, the premature, the undeveloped

And to help reveal and create

The world in which all are fulfilled,

Healthy, whole, loved and loving–

Loved and loving.


We set up our routines so that the day-to-day,


Demands are kept manageable,

Not overwhelming,

And, naturally, easily,

It’s the central part of our life,

To keep Knowing our Self better,

Knowing God,

Health, Wholeness,

Friends, Family

And bring all together in Love–

All Together as Love.