We lift ourselves up,

Seeking each moment to do better than the last,

Seeking each moment to be more open, blessing, useful.


As we lift ourselves up,

The Supreme raises us more,

As a parent raises a child,

And we are growing,

Each moment, more and more adult,

Each moment more and more at One with the One.

Each moment!


The fingers and thumbs of our heart allow us to hold on by letting go.

When we trust and let go

We experience the Flow and the Ocean

Of Love,



Of Love,




And know them to be our own Self,

The Common One,

The Self of Everyone,

The All-in-All,

The All-in-All.

Space ships!




So many cultures describe wise people who flew through space–no ship!

Faster than light! No hyperdrive.

Went from here to there without a moment in between!


We are learning to be wise and not only to fly–to be joyous and useful!

Joyous and useful!


Keeping the dualities unified

Our life unfolds in Wholeness,

We join the Unfolder

And begin to Be and Know the Plan:

The Plan of Wholeness, Joy, Love.

Wholeness, Joy, Love.

The stories of old gather meaning

When we see them as rungs of the ladder

To where we are and where we want to go.





Wholeness, Love and Joy,

Flowing Through Our Self,

The Self we share,

The Self that is All,

This is Good Being,

This is Good Attention,

This is Good Diet,

This is good Digestion,

All Flowing Within All,

Nourishing Every Expression of All,

Nourishing Every Expression.

Sharing is the seed,

Good routine is the Sun,

A little adventure is the water,

And Love is the Action, the Tree, and the Fruit:


Love is the wonderful Fruit.