During a drought, plants exude oils into the dry soil;

During a rain, the soil and plants are refreshed, the oil released and the scent of the oil refreshes us, too.


Similarly, if a drought has occurred for our personality, our healthy routine spreads happiness into our thoughts, feelings and actions;


When we transcend all detail, the transcendence is a rain that releases Infinite Happiness into every detail of our life.


Stay with the program, the healthy routine!

Stay with the healthy routine.


It’s Christmas Season, sweetness, joy and friendliness begin to shine and flow.

So lovely! We begin to remember, to know

That we are made of Love and Joy,

We are sweet children of God, not just toys.


And so we get on the channel and place an ad saying:


“Hello, God, We’re glad You’re Great! Supreme! One and Only!

Thank You, God!

Thank You.



Ocean of God,

Bubble of God, Drop of God.


Universe of God,

Village of God,

Home of God:


In our heart and our Heart,

God is At Home,

God is Home.

Thirty-two teeth in our bodies,

Thirty-two virtues of Buddha,

Thirty-two paths of Kabbalah (wisdom tradition),

Thirty-two plus 1, the age of Jesus at crucifixion,

Thirty-two, the life-span of Shankara.


Thirty-two is Fulfillment.



Our Earth’s atmosphere lifts a winged plane that high;

Beyond that, rockets are needed. We’re in space.


Inside our mind,

Our Consciousness lifts our thoughts to the surface;

Below the surface we have only a feeling, a guess.


We are in Inner Space.


Settling in,

Letting go,

Opening ourselves to Grace,

We begin to swim in Pure Consciousness,

The Source of our thoughts–


We begin to experience the mechanics through which our thoughts arise,

Within Lively Silence expressing Itself–our Self–with increasing dynamism.


We begin to know who we Are.


Opening the door to our heart,

Opening the Door to the Temple,

Showing our self a Seat in our Self,

Teaching ourself a Song of Glory.


Little by little,

We usher our dreams to Fulfillment,

And as we do,

Fulfillment likes our song, our style,

And Rushes In.

The Divine is all there is: Beauty, Love and Joy, Wholeness.

It is never hidden but we may be lost in parts of it,

Aiming only for a potato, a sock, a few dollars or a million,

Forgetting the Full Meal, the Full Clothing, The Infinite Treasury.


When, by Grace, we begin to remember,

We begin to share,

To reveal the Sacred Everywhere,

Consecrating our World.