An ordinary decent human being: noble, royal, a blessing.


Within us is the Golden Glow,

Pure and Whole:


We’ve begun to know this,

Begun to dip into this,

Begun to remember

We are This,

Nothing but This is, Is.


We act within This,

Radiate within This,

Sow seeds of Fulfillment within This,

And Sew all together,

So all remember and are comfortable,


Within This!


Thank You, This!

For dissolving the game of That,

Restoring our Awareness,

That This is All there Is.

All there Is.

Fundamental Liveliness,

Joy of Being.


Just by Being,

Oneness Sings

And all we humans,

All these things and places,

Are God’s Song,

The Song of One,


The Song of All-in-All,

Of All-in-All.

One: Early to bed, early to rise, makes us all healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Two: Loving the Wholeness, loving the details, restores our awareness, dissolves our illusions.

Three: Fun is the name of the game, nourishing fun.

Four: Eat healthy.

Five: Study, learn, discover, invent.

Six: Share.

Seven: Take a break here and there to open ourselves to the unexpected delights of the world, our world, our Universe.

Eight: Stop. Listen. Enjoy.

Nine: Each one of us fills this in, personally, uniquely ours.

Ten: A comfortable daily routine, good balance of rest and action, serious fun and playful focus–Fulfillment! Victory! A Dime (Ten out of Ten).

Me for you,

You for me:


On the Ocean of Life,

Enjoying the Light of the Waves,

We sail.


Little by little,

Our boat becomes a Boat of Flowing Water,

And we are One with the Ocean,

Creating the Waves of Our Self,

Waves of Our Ocean of Joy and Love,

Of Joy and Love.

Seeing the Ocean, the Source of the Waves,

Being the Water, the Source of Both–