No longer scattered with hearts clothed in iron,

Our hearts are opened, transcending and flying;

Our minds are mingling within The One Self,

Joy’s on the table, removed from the shelf.

Little by little, we gather, assemble,

We chat and we sing, we dance and we tumble.

We share what we gain and Pure Love grows,

Greater and greater the world Flowers as Rose.

Greater and greater the world Flowers as Rose.

Beyond All Words of Praise, Beyond All Words.

The Delight, the changing Flows, of Pure Awareness bring words, charming words, and yet we know they only hint at the Glory, Joy and Love of the Experience.

Ahh, What a Delight,

This Experience of Inner Light!

Ahhh! What Joy,

This Playful Self that loves to Toy.

And the mystery: how can it Be what It Is, beyond all words and yet All-in-All, you and me and words?

We haven’t the wit

To master the skit

And so we sit

And let our innocence un-knit,

The tangle of guesses and pretensions,

The remains of life’s tensions,

The confusion of conventions,

And just Be.

And just Be.



Enjoying the thrill of being alive in Being,

Enjoying the delight of thinking and acting within the Source,

We get better and better at this and that as a matter of course,

And our senses become lively, our seeing is Seeing.


Fred Astaire, with top hat and cane,

Dancing and singing with never a strain,

Balance of body, heart, mind and brain,

Enjoying the moment, no care of gain,

A soul that’s pure, no sign of stain,

Every step is smooth, in the groove, in the lane:

Puttin’ on the Ritz, Fred:



And each of us, in our own way,

Gets more and more natural, at work and at play,

Delight we know is here to stay,

And we can smile to each other and say,


A good joke, a sudden success, a turn of the tables –

We are lucky that laughter is part of Life and our life.

As we grow, grow wiser, we experience more and more the expanded nature of our self, our Self beyond ego, our Self All-Pervading, our Self Omnipresent Love and Joy

And our Self Smiles everywhere, laughs everywhere, and laughter and smiles flow through everyone and everything so more and more we are greeted with delight by people, clouds, rocks and trees.

How much more our laughter will be when all separation, all duality is gone and we are restored to our real status – All-in-All, All-in-All.

How much more!

Signor Apostolla, a farmer of corn,

Wished that hail had never been born;

He invented a tool that really worked,

That shooed the hail from clouds where it lurked.


Made of metal and straw formed to a rod,

Science, indeed but blessed by God,


His tool sucked strength from the hailing cloud..

And sent it away from his field and his yard.


In the field of our life we would like a warrant

To protect us from harm, whether drop or a torrent.


The secret is always “refine our perception”

Make friends with Dear Nature at her Source, her conception.


Make friends with the Source, Of course! Of course!

Make friends with the Source, of course.

Beauty of garden, beauty of rose,

Beauty All-Pervading: mountains, souls, clothes.


Beauty, the Essence, Silent and Active,

To this we are drawn, the Supremely Attractive.


To this we are drawn,

The Supremely Attractive.