High standards for sports,

High standards for living,

We practice both and get better,

We set new standards.


We are a class act–

A superclass act.



Our upbringing and our good routine

Bring us happiness and friendliness,

A bit of intuition on what to do,

And how we can be useful to our world and world family.


To deepen the intuition and move to All-Knowingness

We find teachers that can show us how to settle our minds

To the source of our intuition,

To strengthen and loosen our bodies

So they are excellent companions for our thoughts and feelings,

And how to work and play well together with others

To fit the pieces of the universe’s puzzle together

And to see, to See and to know, to Know!

And on the basis of Seeing and Knowing,

To Do and bring Fulfillment to ourselves and to all,

To ourselves and to all.

How convenient you are, computer!

The whole world’s library is available through you.


How convenient you are, dear phone!

We can speak to our friends and our helpers who are thousands of miles away.


We humans made you

But we made you of materials of God’s World,

And with plans that God gave us.


Something of Gods’s Soul is available to us,

And something of God’s Soul is available to you–

Thank You, God, for souls and comfort,

Convenience and delight in life,

Raising us constantly to Life,

Life in Oneness with You,

Life in Oneness with You.


Mentally alert,

Seeing solutions,

Putting parts together,

And funny!

Seeing multiple meanings,

Multiple possibilities,

Seeing and showing how life is more flexible than we may consider,

More surprising than we may think

And making us life with the new freedom of the unexpected.


Wit possessing,

Witty being.



The dance is sweet,

The day romantic,

The Love is Pure,

We really Are.

Pretense diminished, gone.

We really Are

Pure Love.

Voices, guitars, banjos, food, lots of happy chatter,

We hoot and we holler

Old songs, new songs,

Songs about friendship,

Songs about weather,

Songs about Fulfillment,

All Together.

Songs about Fulfillment,

All Together.

For adventure, we cherish the wilderness,

The unclear paths,

The steep slopes:


For safety, we cherish the known paths,

The paths that are as close to guaranteed as anything can be

To bring success.


For human relations, relations with us and the world,

The Universe,


Our Full Self,

We sense with appreciation and gratitude

And act with Love and Joy.


And this is Safety and Adventure,

Safety and Adventure.