We are the Glue that puts pieces together,

Reveals the Wholeness within the Details,

And the Details within the Wholeness.


Straight lines,

Neat circles

And also random meanders:

Perhaps someone who knows the Cosmic Computer

Can see that the doodles are not really random

But to us they are random

And a refreshing addition to the world of rules.

God fishes for us,

Putting out good bait;

When we unlearn our craftiness,

We are lucky–

We are Caught.

We didn’t even know there was a curtain–we took the dimness for granted.

God is kind: He opens the curtain a bit,

Shows us how to open it a bit more.

And more.

And more.


And just as we took dimness for granted,

So now we find it’s normal

To be living in the light, in the Light.

To be the Light.

Through God’s Grace we see the Light, We are the Light:

Naturally, we Shine.

Joyfully, a little carefully,

We act to be happy, kind, useful

So we will be more and more aware of Grace and Light,

More and more we will Shine! Shine! Shine!

The delight we experience when walking toward flowers and trees

Is something deeper than just color and the texture:

It is Life, flowing within its expressions,

And as through flowers and trees,

So through us–

Deeper than deep.

Before the dawn,

When all is still,

We are lively, golden,

Sprightly, on the move:


Here we are, World!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!


And we here the Whistle of the World,

The Hum of the Self,

The World is Awake in Us

As we Are in the World,

Joyfully Awake.