A Swiss Army Knife, for sure!

A strategy for falling asleep comfortably without pills. Oh, yes!

A strategy for waking up comfortably, happily, without alarms. Definitely!


A way to dissolve stress, a way to prevent stress, a way to dissolve boundaries. Put us on the list!


The cutest, bestest gadgets are useful for our mind, our heart, our body,

Not just for our appliances and machines.


A Swiss Army Knife for our mind? Yes, indeed! Sing it! Sing it!




Soup, vegetables, protein, this and that,

Good company–

Good friends and good thoughts.


Delicious and satisfying,

Delicious and satisfying.

When we live the Truth of:


“Be thou Holy, for I Am Holy”,

By loving our neighbor as our self, as our Self,

And rising to love God with all our heart, soul, and (non-strained) might,


We become representatives for Good,

The world is our home, our family,

The news is always good news,

And the lion lies down with the lamb.


Today! Now!

Not just every 50 years, as our Bible commands,

But always! Raise a shout of joy, of Joy.


Why wait?



Waking up,

Hearing birds, fans, water flowing through pipes.

Seeing twinkles of light in the dark.

Tasting a fresh taste,

Smelling clean air,

Touching soft, clean sheets.


A good beginning!


No theory,

Just the honest answer:

“I don’t know”.


Surely someone does!

We search.

We find.


We are refreshed with knowledge and the refreshment is experience.


When “I don’t know” is the answer to the question “How can I be completely fulfilled?”

Our search leads to knowledge and experience and we are fully refreshed, fully restored

In a position to answer “I do know!” and to share fulfillment.


How lovely!

How lovely.


When a door seems locked

The Gift of God

Is there is some easy way to open it,

Just as peeling an orange is easy

And the fruit and juice

Beyond the door

Are worth the time

To open the door.


Definitely worth the time!

Lightly floating,

Our thoughts,

Our feelings,

Lifted by the gentleness

Of Inner Love,

Lifted by the gentleness of friends, teachers, family–


So light! And our body feels as light as a thought,

As light as a feeling,

As light as a breeze.


Thank You, Love!

We Give You Love, too!

We Give You Your Gift

And We Are Increased,

Not diminished.


We waft in You–

We Waft in You!